Jarno Saarinen

Paroni, The Flying Finn, The Baron, …

In the seventies a man who likes motorbikes and motorracing a lot, he also raced on motorbikes himself on motorcross-and speedwaytracks, married with a woman. They are my parents now from the day I was born, the 18th of May of 1975.

Some years earlier Jarno Saarinen died in a racing accident on the Monza circuit on the 20th of May in 1973. My father liked the motorcycle racer and person Jarno Saarinen a lot, that’s why my parents gave me his name.

These photo’s are collected by Henk van Melzen some years ago. I created a website for him with these photo’s. Some years ago those images were available on free webhostingsites, they don’t exist anymore, it would be a really pitty to not put them somewhere on the internet!

More info about Jarno Saarinen (Paroni) can be found in the links at the bottom of this page. Henk created it’s own website these days, and can be found in the links below.


Images received from Henk van Melzen
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The world’s greatest motorcycle racer by Murray Barnard
Finnish Grand Prix “Imatranajo” by Kake Heikkinen