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Russian Military testing new digital modes

Following recordings were done on the 26th of November 2022. Bashnya (Башня) and Gazon (Газону) are testing, which seems to be, the on day frequency. I was not yet able to find the night-frequency. This might be the F42 frequency.

Recording in the morning, 09:10 UTC

The translation was done by flower_dance

  • We have jamming, everything went worse
  • Changing frequency (inaudible)
  • Bashnya to Gazon…
  • …in our direction in 20 seconds
  • Roger that (5:39)
  • Bashnya to Gazon, how received?
  • …6…session(?)
  • …speech, I don’t know, for 3 points with minus
  • Standby, you have 10-15 minutes left
  • Bashnya to Gazon
  • So I’m just waiting for you?
  • Yes, just wait
  • Roger that
  • You have 15 minutes left
  • Affirmative

Recording in the evening, 18:40 UTC

The translation was done by flower_dance

  • Bashnya to Gazon, give…for a minute and half
  • Roger that, here it is (signals)
  • Bashnya to Gazon, give for a ? seconds on my channel
  • Bashnya to Gazon, ready to transmit…
  • Roger that, give into my direction, after this session we’ll switch to the night frequency
  • …results, seems like nothing…
  • Yes, there’s no synchronisation, repeat
  • Roger that
  • Bashnya to Gazon, what are the results
  • Received badly, let’s change frequency, it has to be called manually, and don’t forget to set 6 in the mode, let’s switch to F 42 frequency, how received?
  • Bashnya to Gazon, frequency F 42, correct?
  • Yes, 42th frequency, manually switching, under the line “calculate” setting the mode 6
  • Roger that
  • Meet on that frequency
  • Bashnya to Gazon, we are switching to frequency 42, and setting in…the mode 6, correct?
  • Yes, click “Calculate”, going down and setting 6, it has to be 6, maybe they are already set for 6, after this click “Confirm”, and staying on this manual frequency, but it’s going to be equal for frequency F 42
  • Bashnya to Gazon roger that, going to the another frequency
  • We’ll meet up there
  • (female voice) …radio
  • 1234567890